Gada be another crappy name

June 26, 2006

tagjagTechcrunch reports on Chris Pirillo’s changing its name to TagJag. Certainly I nice new look for the site, but what is it with Chris Pirillo and crappy names? Tagjag? Why not Tagfaghag, or Taggnome? 🙂 Sure, Lockergnome isn’t a pretty name but it’s easy to remember, and Tagjag meet’s the old marketing rules on being easy to remember, easy to spell, and more importantly short and sweet, but it’s still a bloody awful name.

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3 responses to Gada be another crappy name

  1. Haha .. you need to switch to decaffeinated coffee soon 🙂

  2. Dig a little deeper, Duncan. Both URLs are important in a mobile sense, though the new one is a bit more relevant to the service’s purpose. Pick up a phone, even if you’re still stuck on rotary dial, and look at where the letters TAGJAG sit – as the first letters for 824524. The domain actually serves a purpose for quick-to-key mobile functionality and parallel desktop browser URL structure, but I don’t expect you to understand that if you didn’t read the “About” page to learn more “about” what we’re “about.” oughta tell you everything you need to know.

    The problem with naming a domain is that… you gotta find one that supports your cause. Try keying in “” from a 10-key mobile device – and if you don’t think that this kind of URL structure is important, I’ll ask you to do it again in five years.

    And I never claimed to be a Web 2.0 anything. TagJag is actually blending tag search with traditional search, combining the best of both worlds into single OPML and RSS data structures. That’s not Web 2.0, it’s just a gigantic time saver for keyword tracking. But… “keyword” is a PITA to key-in on a mobile device.

    Now, do you care to revise your original position on the “awful” name?

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