Google testing mega ads and pixel ads

April 1, 2006

This has got to have a big WTF on it. According to Adotas, Google is testing 2560 x 1920 ads and 1×1 pixel ads. Pretty much, great big mother you know what ads, and itsy bitsy, teeny weeny pixel ads ala the Million Dollar Homepage. If it’s true, now I’ve seen everything 🙂

59 responses to Google testing mega ads and pixel ads

  1. LOOOOL :))

    NIce idea though, although this would probably ruin Google 😀


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  2. PS I wonder how Blunkett would feel about the fact that this same person explained how she understood this way of using words by saying ?É‚Äúit?É‚Äôs the kind of thing Haider does in Austria?É‚Äù?ɂĶ