Habari: innovation in 2007?

January 11, 2007

901am points to Habari, a new blogging platform being designed by some people fairly well known in the WordPress community, including Michael Heilemann.

Maybe one of my predictions for 2007 has already come true:

Innovation…Surely, amongst the masses of VC funding and startups a company exists that will revolutionise blogging for us all once again.

Time will tell, but where as there is already a slew of other blogging platforms out there that have never taken off in a big way, despite many of them being well designed and in some cases innovative, Habari has some better known folks behind it, so potentially the newest entrant in the Blog CMS field may have longer legs. What these guys will know is that plugins/ expandability drive users, and with a statement such as “User-created plugins make Habari do nearly anything imaginable, and a robust theme system permits the use of several popular templating solutions.” on the main page, you know they’re headed in the right direction.

One to watch, and if I can find a lazy day in the next week, I’ll try installing and running it as well for a review.