If You’re Into Online Marketing, Visit Gooruze

December 17, 2007 — 3 Comments

I think I may have mentioned this here before, but I’m involved (as a contributor, or “founding Gooruze”) with a great online marketing site called Gooruze run by Vibe Capital (from WA’s glamour couple Rachel and Clay Cook). It’s a social networking come sharing site where you can contribute or read about online marketing advice and news. The participants are quite literally from a broad church of internet marketing so you get perspectives on all sorts of areas, some of which I didn’t know an awful lot about before starting there.

I’ve been remiss in not spending enough time there lately contributing, side tracked as usual but I’m trying to get back there every day to take part. If you’re looking for something fresh, something that isn’t just the same regurgitated posts you see on some of the so-called make money from blogging and similar sites, Gooruze is worth a look.