I’m back

April 13, 2006 — Leave a comment

Greetings and salutations….or something like that. I’m back online after a nearly 2 week hiatus having laid floorboards, decking, and moved into the new castle. Of course still lots of things to go. I’m unpacked only as much as my new, gigantic office currently has in it a desk and a computer….and nothing else. Telstra broke the phone line when they put the ADSL on, so I’m online but cant make landline calls (oh yeh, and this took a week in itself to even get on…) Theres boxes to unpack, beeding to be laid (I’m not very flash at cutting edges on floorboards so it would seem)…but I’m fighting fit, must have lost at least 10kg and the belly has disappeared and it’s actually starting to look like a six pack….nude bloggers calender here I come 🙂