I’m now officially a Google Reader convert

April 16, 2007 — 1 Comment

OK, so it’s taken a lot longer than a whole pile of other people, but it’s official, I’m now a Google Reader convert.

There is of course one thing I’d like: full screen text, but aside from that I can’t quite tell you why I’m not going back to Bloglines, but I’m not… but I’ll try.

1. The Ajax works better: the updates on feeds seems to be better in Reader as opposed to Bloglines. I say seems because I haven’t timed it, but certainly it’s not a X minute proposition as with Bloglines, but as I use it thing with Reader, certainly I seem to be reading things more quickly.

2. Dropping read categories/ tags: I like that Google Reader drops the categories I’ve read from the sidebar, Bloglines doesn’t.

3. Refresh problems don’t exist: Bloglines still has a problem, particularly with Feedburner feeds that sees read stories being shown over..and over..and over…and over again, I presume due to the comments under text portion of a Feedburner feed. This isn’t the case in Google Reader. Once I’ve read a feed its read, full stop.

There are probably other reasons that I haven’t thought of. My thanks though to the Bloglines team, I’ve used your service for many years and its done me well, its just time for a change.