Introducing Nanomedia

June 1, 2006

Ive never been a huge fan of buzzwords, but Cameron Reilly has introduced a new buzz word that I think has very, very long legs (potential): Nanomedia:

What is “nanomedia”? It is media that is produced for a niche audience, often on a low cost basis, either for the love of it or for commercial profit and I suspect the vast majority of nanomedia will be produced for the former reason. Nanomedia will mostly be copyright free or produced under a fairly open Creative Commons license. Nanomedia will be play on iPods, portable media devices like PSPs, mobile phones, computers or TVs and will increasingly start to consume higher and higher percentages of the average person’s entertainment time.

The long post is worth a read in terms of Cam’s suggestion on the death of old media. You’d note from the comment that I don’t totally agree with his suggestion that old media is dead, but I do agree over time that it will be replaced by consumer friendly (ie push/ lazy) nanomedia.