Is It Still Racist When Indians Kill Indians

January 11, 2010 — 6 Comments

No, that’s the caste system isn’t it?

Still, given what happened in Australia during the Schapelle Corby arrest and trial, we’re not exactly innocent when it comes to xenophobia.

The Advertiser: Two detained at airport over Singh murder

POLICE are refusing to reveal the identities of a man and a woman intercepted at Sydney Airport last week and questioned over the murder of Indian-born fruit picker Ranjodh Singh.
The Indian-born pair, believed to be seasonal workers from Griffith, was stopped at the airport’s departure lounge on Monday as they were about to board a flight to Nepal.

Then of course there’s fire guy “It is understood police are investigating all possible causes of the fire, including that Mr Singh lit the fire himself.”

Is it racist to set yourself on fire?