Is Obama JFK For The 21st Century?

January 4, 2008

I’m not American, and if I was I’d suggest that Ron Paul would be where my vote might go (guns aside…I don’t get gun ownership, never have, never will), but having watched the following tonight I cant help but think that an Obama victory would be a good thing for us all, the world and the United States included. Video as follows; others have made the JFK comparisons, I think it’s a fair call. Wow on the speech side, the whole thing was unscripted. As I noted to Chris Baskind on Twitter, I winced at the “my story is unique to America” line because it’s not, it could be Australia as well, but that aside there is little doubt that this guy is a master orator.

5 responses to Is Obama JFK For The 21st Century?

  1. Good to see you taking a look at the Obama wagon Duncan! I’ve been on for a couple years now and really impressed with him ever since I watched his speech at the DNC in 2004. I think the more apt comparison that I’ve heard floating around is to RFK, but to mention either makes it clear what this guy could potentially bring to the table. I know you’re big on Paul, but good to see you looking at some of the other guys as well – even if you can’t, you know, vote 🙂

  2. Bobby Kennedy may be a better comparison.

  3. Nearly as good an orator as Kevin07!

  4. You’d have to say he’s pretty close to the new, new thing based on that speech. Off the cuff and utterly compelling for the entire quarter-hour. Compare him to Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong at the recent Bali conference where their speeches contained all the right words but were sleep-inducing.

    I have The Audacity of Hope as an audiobook and you just hang on every word.

    Almost wish I could be involved in the US electoral process to vote for him.

  5. Acropolis Review has some interesting questions on what Al Gore may have to say about Obama or Hillary’s chances in the days ahead:

    Some coverage of Rudd as well.