Joining the 2Web crew, or why I should keep up with email

March 17, 2006

It’s not been announced publicly, but I’ve joined the 2web crew. Nik emailed me last week with an invite and it got totally buried in amongst the 5 million other emails. For those of you interested:

2web is a group of Australian bloggers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about web 2.0. What we all have in common is that through our businesses and blogging we develop, implement and evangelise web 2.0 ideas around web services, open standards, new media, blogs and the web as a platform.

It’s pretty similar to an Australian version of the Web 2.0 working group. I don’t know all the guys in it well, although I do know some (and of course Darren is one of the 9 initial members as well), but it should be good, certainly if the email list and podcasts are anything to go by, and the coming together of some diverse people from around Australia, with different business plans and operations, all working to the same goal, and I’d add uniquely all working from home chasing the Web 2.0 dream (no part timers in this crowd) makes for an interesting bunch of people.

2 responses to Joining the 2Web crew, or why I should keep up with email

  1. Yo! Duncan, good join. 2Web sounds quite glamorous though I never knew you were that interested in Web 2.0

  2. congrats duncan..even tho I know you still have a gajillion emails to read…You are too busy nowadays !