Just How Racist Are The Young Turks?

January 11, 2010

Follow up to the last post, I made this little video:

3 responses to Just How Racist Are The Young Turks?

  1. Very well done.
    I'd link this vid to TYT and other US blogs.
    I reckon it could get viral in 24 hours, and also bring understanding to our American friends.

  2. Anna wasn't calling black uncivilised as a racist slur, that would be horrible. She's saying that as putting word in other people's mouths.

    During days of the British Empire, rich whites invaded and colonised parts of Africa; their rhetoric at the time was that they were going to 'civilise' these barbarian whites into more civil white society.

    Anna was saying that the ad was racist because it injects this patronising, superiority-complex attitude onto black people.

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