Lesson learned: cheap doesn’t save you money

November 20, 2006 — 8 Comments

Just finished booking my accomodation in Toronto for tomorrow and thought I might share a little tip….cheap doesn’t save you money. In both Toronto this week and in NY, I looked to save money on the hotel…and ended up spending a whole pile extra on transport as a consequence…so much I would have been far better off just bitting the bullet and booking a more expensive hotel, indeed some of my transport stories I’ll be sharing as an old man to my grandkids in years to come. I’ve learnt the lesson now, and this time I’ll be staying in the heart of Toronto, no more Quality Airport East, or Howard Johnson Newarks for me. As I think I mentioned to Loren the other day, next time I’m back, I intend to be a millionaire (ok, wishful thinking, but you’ve got to aim for these things), and it won’t phase me, after all, when you’ve got champagne tastes on a beer budget it makes for an interesting time.