Lets Lay The Abbott Bias On Hard

December 8, 2009 — 5 Comments

I may not be the biggest Tony Abbott fan in the world, but likewise the coverage in the MSM of Abbott’s shadow cabinet appointments today was so bias as to be cringe worthy.

Yeah, remember that the MSM is suppose to report on facts?

So when I hear on nearly every news service that Abbott rewarded the conservative right, how is it that when you read the fine print you see names like:

Scott Morrison.
The member for Cook who only got there by shafting the actual preselected candidate on the basis of left wing interference from Liberal HQ in NSW?

Morrison is one of the leading left wingers in NSW. But he’s a newbie, maybe you can excuse that the media didn’t get that, and that Abbott claimed that he’s a rising star.

No, where there’s no excuse is on an old lefty: Phillip Ruddock, who also got elevated today. The MSM know that he’s no conservative, indeed he’s perhaps the most left wing parliamentary member of the Liberal Party, and has always been to the left of half of the ALP right.

There’s no excuse anymore, because the MSM in Australia has literally gone nuts in terms of bias now. Doesn’t matter where you sit, because EVERYONE knows about Ruddock, it’s old history. The media is perhaps now nothing more than a cheer squad for the ALP…well, perhaps they always were 😉