Mac Day 2: It Just Works

July 3, 2007 — 1 Comment

Day 2 as a Mac user and there is nothing much more to report. Thanks to those who left comments on the last post, particularly pointing to the Logitech Cam Drivers, the Cam is now working.

Everything is working fine. Perhaps the only odd thing is getting use to having so many Windows open, on the PC I’d always keep open applications to a minimum to limit memory and OS issues, on the Mac it doesn’t seem to matter how many are open.

I did try the Mac keyboard out today. That lasted no more than about 5 minutes. Mac’s might be a wonderful machine, but I see they still haven’t managed to get keyboard right in 25 years, and I’m not even game to try the mouse. My Logitech keyboard might not have a Apple Command Key but the Alt key works well in its place, that and the keys are spaced nicely (the Mac Keyboard felt bunched up, I literally struggled to type on it) and most importantly I’ve got somewhere to rest the bottom of my hands on the Logitech…yes, I don’t touch type correctly but thats just me and I feel no reason to change after 20 odd years of doing it the same way 🙂

I gave Mac.Mail a shot: OMG, people say Outlook Express is bad! Now using Thunderbird.

iCal is awesome. Widgets are splendid, and I managed to work out how to keep them on my desktop and there is an ABC Radio widget, ABC Classic FM and Dig Radio and I’m set.

Just downloading Parallels as I type this, so I’ll see how that goes. I’m typing this post on Mars Edit….like Ecto it comes no where close to Windows Live Writer, so I’m keen to have access to at least one Windows program.

Happily that is all. It’s funny that I’ve got to drag up small insignificant things to complain about this pure work of art, thats how good I’m finding it. More later in the week 🙂