MeeVee: you just know this is a Web 2.0 startup bound to fail

September 22, 2006

Techcrunch covers an upgrade to the Web 2.0 television guide site MeeVee. It’s a service that offers….a television guide….I’m so under whelmed, after all it’s something MSN and Yahoo to name but a few have been offering for years, not to forget hundreds of other sites. But it’s Web 2.0 I hear people saying, it’s innovative! Bullsh*t, it’s a TV guide, and it’s a TV guide that only covers the US as well, so before they’ve even started they’ve excluded hundreds of millions of potential users. But it has Ajax I can hear others saying! We’ll so does the TV guide I use at Yahoo7. But it does social search, allowing you to find shows you might not know about! Wow (not), so does Torrentspy 🙂 But it’s going to be big in the tech/ Web 2.0/ first adopters crowd you might well say? well isn’t this the exact same crowd that is abandoning television for video on demand and the internet.

I give it 6 months at the most. Probably less. It’s some how got an Alexa ranking of 18,000 odd, I honestly dont believe it. At the moment their only income appears to be tribal fusion banner advertising, and they can’t even get this to work properly when I load the page (see below). eBay, here comes another one.