Mysterious Apple Pirate Posters

July 12, 2008


I went down the street today (Burke Road, Camberwell, VIC) for some lunch with the family and some time in Borders, and I kept seeing the above poster. Someone had come along and plastered it at the various places posters are frequently posted (construction site boarding mostly). But that’s it: An Apple and Pirates cross bones, the Apple Pirate poster with nothing more than the picture above. Does anyone know what it is suppose to mean? a statement about the iPhone perhaps (I’m presuming the timing isn’t a coincidence, and they weren’t posted last week).

8 responses to Mysterious Apple Pirate Posters

  1. Maybe it's someone saying that the apple company helps pirateing, i.e. music and such, or maybe it's a warning to your town that someone is comming to steal and eat all the apples in your area leaveing you to have to go to the doctors office more regularly. A new Pirates of the Carribean prelude?

  2. It's available as a wallpaper here:

    Maybe it says: I'm an Apple fanboy and I like free music and software?

  3. It's a music night at a club. Poison apple or something from what I remember. non computer related.

  4. It is really nice poster of Apple Pirate…..

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