News calls in the big guns: set to dominate the Australian Internet Landscape

July 12, 2006 — 1 Comment

According to the new News Limited site perthnow (thank god I can finally get a little bit of local news on the web…given the woeful internet presence of the Worst Australian), News has appointed Richard Freudenstein as chief executive of the News Digital Media division.

Freudenstein was previously chief operating officer of British Sky Broadcasting in the UK.

They are literally calling in the big guns now, with Freudenstein to lead News’ Australian charge with the local arm of MySpace amongst his portfolio of sites including,, and The list also includes the very lame attempt by News to break into the directory market:, which most Australians would never had heard off.

Interesting times. After all, NineMSN only leads the Australian internet pack because it’s the default starting page for IE..aside from that though there isn’t a lot of redeeming features there…and of course Yahoo has teemed up with Seven for…at least a marginally more interesting site than ninemsn.