Nichenet announces the launch of lifestyle site fortytwotimes

January 26, 2012 — 14 Comments

MELBOURNE, Australia, January 26 (AEST) – Web content development company Nichenet Pty Ltd today announced the launch of its latest online property

The new site is named after the late, great Douglas Adams, who famously wrote that “the ultimate answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” is 42.

fortytwotimes aims to write about life as we know it, from science through to tech, lifestyle, entertainment and travel, and the site aims to ultimately deliver “a good read.”

The site is edited by Duncan Riley, who has a long history in online publishing, having previously published The Blog Herald and The Inquisitr, written for TechCrunch, and was a co-founder of blogging network b5media.

Most recently he spent years developing The Inquisitr before selling it.

“There are many sites that aim to target a broad audience, but many of them lack when it comes to intelligence” said Duncan Riley in a statement.

“fortytwotimes aims to be a great read; a mix of interesting stuff, from science, tech, entertainment, life and even travel. We aim to deliver a site that is sticky because it is interesting, not just to a few, but because we deliver a broad range of posts that will appeal to many.”


Duncan Riley
t: +61 412844237

14 responses to Nichenet announces the launch of lifestyle site fortytwotimes

  1. Bravo!  Well played, sir.  Good luck with it!

  2. Thanks Dunc, glad to see that I have a Nichenet property back in my RSS feed reader again. 

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