Now this is an Adsense cheque!

June 9, 2006

Check out Macrus of Plenty of Fish’s Adsense Cheque:

adsense cheque

$991,773.04 for two months…!


6 responses to Now this is an Adsense cheque!

  1. Yeah I saw that a few days ago (whenever it was posted, exams make me loose track of time).

    It certainly is impressive. Makes you think what the bank tellers face will look like when he presents it. 😮

  2. Kind of makes you wonder why he does not have EFT. Thats a mighty large check to be sent through the mail.

  3. Shane,
    my understanding from his post is his one month Adsense payment got rejected via EFT!…I’d think my own bank (or in fact it’s a credit union) would probably reject that size of payment as well, it would make so many !!!!!!!!!!! marks on the bank or financial institutions report, it would be reported or rejected. (here in Australia, any transaction above $10k AUD must be reported to ASIC).

  4. Reported to the ATO not ASIC.

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  1. Spohia - September 1, 2007


    This was one time where I have to agree to disagree