Obama Rocks

February 6, 2008 — 26 Comments

This video was released a couple of days back, but in case you missed it

My politics, if I were American, is probably soft Republican with a strong Libertarian bent, and yet every time I see Obama speak I’m overawed. I heard a Republican today on News Radio’s stream of NPR’s Super Tuesday coverage and he said that although he was Republican, he’d vote for Obama because the guy is just awe inspiring. I agree. America needs a change, if not for its own sake, but for that of the world. Although the many American readers of this blog my rightfully suggest that I have no place providing punditry on US politics, I’d remind you that when America sneezes, the whole world gets a cold. America needs new, fiscally responsible leadership so that the whole world can prosper, because when America is prosperous itself, we all benefit, no matter where we live. Pulling US troops out of Iraq and plowing the savings back into the US budget would be a great first step, and Obama promises this. It also helps that Obama is the most tech friendly of the presidential candidates as well. Make a change, and consider making history, you could do far worse, and indeed you have already done so in the last 7 years.