OMFG! Does some one have an email alert bar yet?

October 16, 2006

226 unread in my inbox as I write this…and worse still there would be another hundred emails I’ve flicked through and not responded to yet. I need a Homeland Security style alert bar/ boxes thing, and I’d go to high/ red alert!

On other things, I bought an webcam today…ok, so I already had one which I bought about 7 years ago which is in a box somewhere and was crap, but I bought a fairly decent new one…well, at least I thought it was fairly decent till I tried to record audio with it….bingbingbingbing..over and over again in the background, sort of like morse code, if anyone knows anything about V-Gear Webcams please leave a comment if you know how to get rid of the really, really annoying sound 🙂