Organising Information

March 13, 2007 — Leave a comment

Just wrote a post at 901am on the latest efforts by the Chinese Government to further censor blogs and remembered that I’d read an article in the last week of so about how the censorship regime works in China. Thanks to the wonders of Web 2.0 I found the article in my BlueDot feed. OK, so I’m late to the social bookmarking movement but the concept of bookmarking has value when you suffer from information overload like I do: I find far, far too many interesting things every day and if I was willing I could probably end up writing 15-20 posts a day, but the 48 hour day is yet to be invented and as is usually the case only a handful end up being posted, and yet adding things to BlueDot is a sinch..but more importantly it’s handy to use as a reference point when I’m looking for something I can remember reading a week before, or even longer. Given that despite 2 hours of trying to prune them my Firefox Bookmarks are still out of control it might be time to add another account somewhere, maybe a private one to bookmark other things as well, business stuff such as software, scripts, how-to guides I want to come back to etc etc… certainly my conversion to all things Web 2.0 is progressing 🙂