Please Bring Back Full Feeds At The Blog Herald

May 3, 2008 — 8 Comments

I’ve never once tried to interfere with my old site, The Blog Herald. I sold it and that was the end of the matter. It did well under Matt Craven and the folks who bought it from me, but a year later Splashpress bought it and turned it into a poor mans Problogger with little or no news and I completely stopped reading it. The site always did advice, even before Problogger, but it was an occasional special that complemented the core news function of the site, it was never meant to be the main source of content. The original motto (since dropped) was more blog news more often, and I always prided myself on being the first with news from the then new blogging world.

Fast forward to this year and some sanity has prevailed. I believe Thord Daniel Hedengren is editing the site now and I’ve always thought highly of him, and he’s bought back Matt Craven and David Krug. Suddenly The Blog Herald has become a decent read again (news wise…I still don’t like the self help stuff, but it’s not dominating anymore) and I re-subscribed to the RSS feed.

Then someone decided it would be smart to switch from a full feed to a part feed. [insert loud WTF here]

I know in years gone by that I took a side in favor of this, but I always looked at it from the publishers viewpoint, which in short is all about preventing your feed being scrapped, but I never really considered it from the user/ readers viewpoint. Put simply, to me today a part feed is as useless as tits on a bull. The jury has long since decided that full feeds are the way to go.

So here’s my little bleg: TDH or who ever made the decision, please go back to full feeds. I know the scraping sucks, but it sucks that your readers cant read all the content in a feed reader either. Just as the site was getting good again, you’re now turning people away, and that makes no sense at all.