Second Life as the next OS? WTF

March 29, 2006

Scoble and Dave Winer seem to think that Second Life is the next big OS!. WTF???? Don’t get me wrong, I was big on Second Life for maybe 3-4 months last year, and when I say big, I mean big. I loved it. Still do. But the problem I found with it is not the platform, but the socialists in it. You see, Second Life has a huge economy. Much of it is based around land, casino’s and shopping. And it’s huge…..way huge. And if you’ve never tried it out, I’d recommend it. But the problem is that it’s also full of hippies who want to put you down for trying to make a quid. It’s like a true socialist version of Australia really. The tall poppy syndrome is way beyond belief. I got into trouble because I dared tried to sell free scripts….well apparently free, see I paid for them, but apparently you could get them free elsewhere. So because of this crime I was harassed, hounded, attacked in Second Life. It was soooo bad I basically stopped going there. I closed down my little shop (which I would add was in a set shopping center and I paid rent for). I sold my land holdings and I quit the paying version. The ppl who run SL aren’t interested in the harassment either. It’s really the wild west….with commies. But if you haven’t visited yet I’d recommend you take a look. Tringo is great fun. 🙂