Snark? some people don’t get it

May 11, 2006 — 15 Comments

Just got my hands on a beta invite to the new beaut Aussie Blog Search Engine Gnoos, and I find this article.

Now of course people always find it easy to attack behind a cloak of anonymity, and there’s no way of commenting on the site, so I’ll comment here.

1. I couldn’t give a rats arse if you don’t like (who ever you are) what I write here at As I’ve written in the past, I couldn’t care less about the traffic. Honestly. I even turned on full feeds, against the advice I have give to others for years, because I don’t really care. This is my personal blog. If it has 10 readers or 1 million, I don’t care. I’m not making much (if any) money from this blog, I’m doing it for fun. I might start up a new blog in the future (although time with working on b5media is a premium these days) on a particular topic, but my personal blog is just that. Random thoughts, observations, even the occasional bit of crap. Some days, or even weeks you’ll see a ton of posts here, other times you will see hardly any. I’m blogging here because I enjoy it, and no amount of crap talk is going to spoil that for me.

2. In relation to link baiting. The stuff about Scoble is honest to god thoughts. I’m not seeing much traffic off of it, so if it’s link baiting I must be failing, and I can tell you, if I really wanted to link bait I’d be doing it properly. As for Seth, again, just an observation. The guys hyped, he’s backed a dud, it’s going to be interesting seeing how he will handle the situation. That’s my opinion, you don’t have to like it.

3. As for your comments about The Blog Herald….what can I say, jealousy is an awful thing.

4. Black Sheep of b5….yeah probably, but not for the reasons you think.

I’m taking a more back seat role these days, working with b5media, helping others, and building something bigger than me, and more importantly I’m enjoying myself a lot more than I was, say, at this time last year. No amount of bullsh*t from an anonymous blogger is going to spoit that, you see, I might not always be right, but I’ve at least got the guts to put my name to my opinions, and allow others to comment on them.

Update: read this blog some more, he or she is a Collingwood supporter, need I say more 🙂