Something Is Not Right Here Part 2

March 5, 2010

Follow on from this post.

The stories keep getting further apart. (sorry, we don’t link there)

A TODDLER was upset at being left at home by his father in the hours before his murder, a housemate has said.

The Age

She said his father had left for the library, which is just a one-minute walk away, a few minutes earlier with another housemate.

So there’s a big divergence between when the father actually left. Sounds like the stories aren’t exactly lining up. But there’s something else in that as well.

The library isn’t a 1 minute walk away.

GMaps (and this is the closest library to the house…and we know they lived opposite the school) (link to full page here)

Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service to St Luke's Primary School - Google Maps
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

According to GMaps, it’s a 3 minute walk…for an adult. A 3 year old, not even close.

You know what makes it more bizarre when you look at the map, taking the school/ church story out from before: the street of the library is commercial, indeed, there’s even an MP’s office right near the library.

But then there’s the screaming

Gurshan Singh wanted to walk with his dad to the local library – and had been screaming because he couldn’t go, Sim Kaur said.

The Age

‘He was insisting to come as well, then the father refused and he started crying,’’ she said….

“We thought maybe he went to see his father there. He knew the way, but we didn’t find him there.”

Who would think that a child “knowing the way” would make this acceptable, even for a short time? Hell, I don’t let my 7 1/2 year old walk to our letter box unsupervised.

So the child magically stops screaming. The mother was in the shower, but some how they trusted a 3 year old to find his way to the local library…but wait, there’s more.

“He stopped shouting and I thought, what happened?” Ms Kaur, 24, told reporters at the home in David St, Lalor.

So someone not in the shower never thought to check on why the child had stopped shouting /screaming…or for that matter, they didn’t hear the security screen door open/ close. Yeah, right.

The Age

When the father said he wasn’t there, the family’s cousin alerted police to the toddler’s disappearance

Now the police call was at 1:10pm. He allegedly disappeared at around 12:30 (although as per the last post it could have been midday or closer to one.) But note who made the call as well: not the mother, not someone in the house.

This could still be a tragic case of a child snatched, and the death no matter what is awful. But what sort of parent leaves a screaming child unattended to have a shower? Reports suggest that there were “several” people in the house at the time, surely one of them would have been supervising if the child was screaming/ upset etc.

I don’t want to second guess a police investigation, but the initial refusal to allow the family to identify the body was probably for a reason.

Update: what I didn’t mention: why isn’t the media reporting the conflicting statements and the issues here? Blind freddy can see that something isn’t right here.

7 responses to Something Is Not Right Here Part 2

  1. The cousin probablly called the police because the parents (the mother just took a 1 month english speaking course as per the age) could barely speak english. Also note that all the friends/relatives giving sound bites to the media are speaking in broken english, so you cannot rule out miscommunication either.

  2. Maybe, and I'm willing to accept your word there.

    But the story still doesn't add up. Language stuff aside, if the kid was crying/ screaming, why get into a shower? At a guess, someone else was suppose to be looking out. No one heard the door. It doesn't make sense.

  3. It could well be a family member, however:
    Gmaps aren't always right, and if you are doing the walk regularly, it may just take you 1 minute – to 1 and a half minutes – but it hardly indicates a lie, rather a rough estimate
    Its not the worst thing to have a shower when your child is crying, nor would it be unusual – a grizzling child is not an emergency and at least you have a good idea of where in the house they are. If your child stopped crying, you would be releived they had settled but would not hurl yourself out of the shower to investigate. Obviously it would be a quick 5 min shower, but that isnt unusual if you have a child safe house.
    That he knew the way to the library dosnt mean that they thought it was acceptable for him to walk there, rather it means, that was an area that they investigated.
    I can imagine it taking around 30minutes to call the Police after you've sprinted the streets looking for your child, incl the library, plus locatng a family member who can speak English to call on your behalf.
    I think the news reporting is shoddy.
    It may well be that something shady and family/friend related has happened as is often the case, either way, poor baby, and so sad for the family, I hope the truth is revealed soon

  4. I agree. Having a son who's just about to about to turn three, I think he'd be able to find his way to a favourite place nearby, which is where you'd start looking. Plus, you wouldn't phone the police immediately until after you'd looked around a little since, thankfully, these situations are incredibly rare, and it would be more likely that he'd have wandered off trying to be independent. Finally, I think I'd also get someone else to ring the police, even without language issues, as I'd be frantically looking for him.

    And as Claire says, tantrums come and go, so you'd just assume that they'd settled into something else.

    But I do accept you main point, which is that the reporting is contradictory, and how all the other people in the house didn't notice hew was gone is strange.

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