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You’d think it was the end of the world when you see things like this crap from The Oz

“Ads in newspapers suffered the biggest two-month fall in the 30-year history of the ANZ job ads survey.”

Of course the newspaper figures are always quoted first

Jobs ads in newspapers fell by 12 per cent to 11,767, following October’s 12.1 per cent fall, and declined by a yearly pace of 42.7 per cent.

And then the internet job stats follow

Internet advertisements, meanwhile, dropped by 8.4 per cent in November, to a near two-year low of 199,433, following October’s 5.5 per cent drop, and falling by an annual pace of 16.6 per cent.

Notice the meanwhile, because the internet job ads are an after thought.

But look at the hard figures: 11,767 newspaper job ads vs 199,433 internet job ads.

Memo to Australian journalists: no reasoned objective view of these figures could possibly maintain the primacy of newspaper job advertising rates in any report on job ads. Indeed, the newspaper job advertising marketplace in Australia is so low, there would be a reasoned argument that they shouldn’t be mentioned at all.

You wouldn’t mention a drop in the sales of Alfa Romeos as being representative of the whole car sales market, so why in 2008 are Australian newspapers still doing the same with job ads.

Fail with a dose of delusion on top.