Technorati launches Vlog, but wouldn’t it be nice if they actually focused on the core product first

October 6, 2006

Technorati has launched a daily Vlog. Great. Great way to promote the service, but I can’t help but ask the question: why spend time doing a Vlog when your rank service is still broken? Case in point:


Notice the 862 incoming links down the bottom, and yet it’s ranked on 628 links? There are 37% more links than is showing in the rank line. But it’s not just my own personal blog either:


Indeed, I can go through just about every single blog by b5media and get the same result, as well as thousands of other blogs as well. The rank index isn’t being updated. Please, make the video blog shorter, and use that time to get someone to press the magic button once a day! People trust you Technorati: they use your statistics to judge their own sites and those of others. You’re not repaying this trust because you’re not paying attention to one of the core features your users like to use. Indeed, you’re making video blogs instead.


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  1. I hate Technorati with great passion and they know why. But, even when I look at these numbers – I know that they represent …

    The bigger number (862) is the life-time links and the smaller number (628) is the last 6-months links only. Naturally it’s smaller. I must have read that from Liz’s blog because I certainly wouldn’t have gone out to seek that info.

  2. D’oh! it was on the technorati blog itself, in the same category as this daily vlog news that explained it apparently.

  3. It might be only 6 months worth, but it’s certainly doesn’t include the recent month or two. I’ve been watching that counter for months and it hasn’t moved an inch. If you really want to see how broken it is, check out the stats for 🙂

  4. As bad as the first show was – the vlog is worth more than the whole shebang to investors. they should do it in the nude and just shut the rest of hacknoratti down.

    Why would anyone use technoratti. That vlog better get good fast.

  5. Duncan,
    I’m sorry that you’re not getting what you want out of Technorati. The answer your question about link counts was explained here by our Search engineer Brian Pinkerton:

    As for problogger, you’ll note the following two charts:


    You’ll notice a big spike in links to problogger that happened in the beginning of march. Those links are past the 180 day threshold, which would account for you seeing little movement in your ranking even though you’ve been getting new links – your old ones have been dropping off, sometimes at an even faster pace than you’re getting new ones.

    I hope that helps to explain things. If there’s anything I can do to help to explain things in the future, please don’t hesitate to email me directly or call 415 846-0232, my mobile number…


  6. Dave
    unless I have a complete and utter net loss/ gain in terms of links for every day for the last two months, that rank counter of mine hasn’t moved even by one blog, as I note in the comments, great, so it’s 180 days…but which 180 day when? because it certainly doesn’t include the last 30-60 days.