The Blog Herald went to PR 6

January 30, 2007

Interesting, just dropped by my old stomping ground The Blog Herald, the site has dropped down from it’s PR 7 to a PR 6. I wonder why?


13 responses to The Blog Herald went to PR 6

  1. Matt Cutts would love that!

  2. I’ve seen a number of sites dropping PR-1, with lots of theories around as to why. 🙂

  3. Something I clearly warned them about. I’m glad the rest of us dont sell links. PHew.

  4. I’ve tried a few sites, plus the Google Firefox plugin, and I’m getting a mixture of 6s and 7s for BH. Perhaps the data centres aren’t fully synced yet?

  5. David,
    I’m not against them selling links, but theres got to be a point where theres too much, heck, I use TLA myself, but 24 links…you’re looking for trouble, and it’s greedy as well.

  6. Oh I totally agree. 8 is fine. 24 is just plain greedy dudeski.

  7. They’re also running blogads code that belongs to gadzooki – which is in violation of blogad’s TOS.


  8. Calling them googies is pretty ironic too.

  9. I think some people just need to move on. I can’t believe BH’s PR and source code is *that* exciting – heck even I don’t check that and I’m with the new *bad crowd*.

    So shoot me. 🙂

  10. You’re absolutely right, of course. But it’s not really ummm…greed…more the inability to say “no”. Darn. It happened that quick. Here’s some more greed. $100, a slap and a kiss to the first one of you lot to say something nice about our sad, hapless management. Which reminds me- I sold this great house in London. Can’t bear to walk by it as the new owners have no taste whatsoever. Hmmmm….each to his own and all that. Ah, but Duncan, do please email me anytime- I promise to be polite enough to reply promptly.

  11. I was warned by this SEO contact of mine (who was charging an arm and a leg if I were to hire him) about trustrank issues, which were inevitable given that most of the BlogMedia blogs previously connected to the BlogHerald had severed ties–we were only able to acquire four of them, with only two almost the same time as BlogHerald. I guess we should have listened. We had it coming! 😛

    PR is so overrated.

  12. Andy
    agreed, it’s not that exciting, but this is my personal blog…which I’m the first to admit isn’t exciting, but it’s the way I like it….and admittedly I’d try harder if I wasn’t so busy trying hard to make a living doing other things which can’t legally include a blog network. 🙂

    If you’re looking for interesting, try my Bluedot feed, that’s where I link to all the interesting stuff I’m too lazy to post about, it’s just like Scobles link blog without the copyright infringement 🙂