The fat lady still isn’t singing for me

June 21, 2006

Opera have announced the latest version of their browser, and unfortunately it still doesn’t do it for me. Got to say it’s a vast improvement over some of their earlier versions, it’s (fairly) quick, it renders CSS properly (I can still remember problems with v7), and their Widgets are pretty cool….its getting close but I hate the way they do tabs. I hate having to click on the tab to close it, and then it takes you back to the last tab you were reading….very annoying given I like to open up a whole pile of tabs in Firefox then read them one by one…in order. However, if you are using IE and don’t like Firefox give it a shot.


2 responses to The fat lady still isn’t singing for me

  1. You can change which tab Opera switches to. It’s in the preferences somewhere.

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