The Story That Keeps On Giving: Deborah Robinson Supports Haters

January 6, 2008 — 10 Comments

Everybody’s favorite censorship loon Deborah Robinson has posted that “Families” support the Great Firewall of Australia, but this is where it becomes fun, because by Families she means the Australian Family Association.

The Australian Family Association is a body which has its roots in B. A. Santamaria’s Nation Civic Council, and its beliefs include homophobia, discrimination and naturally broad scale hard core nanny-state censorship.

Senator Brian Greig in 2002:

My long experience of the Australian Family Association?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùthe AFA?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùis that they are a hate group. They promote some of the most disgraceful and shocking vilifying materials that I have experienced and seen in this country.

Beware of the God:

The Australian Family Association….lobbies against feminism, recognition of same-sex relationships and adoption rights, and in favour of extensive film and television censorship.

Discrimination? Yep, read WA AFA President John Barich in Senate papers here arguing that discrimination should not be illegal.

Gays are one of the AFA’s pet hates (via
How is it that a small and ignored minority [i.e. gays] has become the ‘flavour of the month’? How is it that a lifestyle that has been universally condemned throughout most of history has now become chic and cool? How is it that societies that used to put the common good ahead of the desires of individuals now cater to every noisy minority group?” (Bill Muehlenberg, National Secretary, AFA, The State of the Culture Wars, Salt Shakers Journal, February 2001, 3)

So what is it Deborah? should we ban the gays and feminists and singles as well? How could you as a woman seriously support a group that is against a womans right to choose? Strange bedfellows my dear, but we live in strange times. Hey, the Nazi’s probably support your position as well, will you be quoting them next?

Maybe Santa’s children did finally take over the Labor Party once and for all.