ThreadWatch Closing

June 27, 2007 — Leave a comment

I actually read this yesterday (my time) but never got around to posting.

It’s sad.

ThreadWatch is the site that got me interested in SEO and a site through which I made a number of good contacts over the years. I don’t want to diss Aaron, but the site has never been the same since Nick Wilson sold it. Nick’s shoes were too large for just about anyone to fill; Nick’s often sarcastic style and biting commentary is something more unique to the English, certainly its a style you don’t often see from American writers aand although Aaron tried it was never the same for me as a reader, although notably where as I may have unsubscribed to other sites during this time I have kept reading Threadwatch.

I’m also interested as to why the site is being shut and not sold. An Alexa ranking under 10,000 would make it a decent sized asset, maybe Aaron has other plans?