Top 100 Australian Blogs

April 11, 2007 — 7 Comments

Got an email from Craig Harper today, a Melbourne based blogger and motivational speaker, he’s set up a rather nifty blog roll of Australia’s top 100 bloggers based on Technorati Rank (right side bar). Apparently comes in at #22. Given that my motto at is “I couldn’t care less what I post and when” I’ve got to say I’m a little impressed, god help me if I was actually trying here, and not dumping my good stuff at 901am :-), but I also have this thought, if I’m #22 then it’s a sorry state of affairs in Australia, particularly given that I’m not even trying here. Maybe I should try harder…or try full stop? and yet that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun! Maybe I need a new outlet? Food for thought.