Twice as many assaults happen in India…is that racist?

June 9, 2009 — 10 Comments

The absurdity surrounding Indian students being attacked in Australia…well Melbourne specifically (despite what the Indian press claims) continues on.

As I’ve said before, and I’ll say again: any assault is bad. That some of the assaults included racial abuse is a given, and are beyond apology. But likewise the context is primarily one of crimes of opportunity, not race.

Despite the Victorian Government, and the Australian Government bending over backwards to appease India, there are now boycotts and more….

Now here’s your raw stats

Now I know Australia vs India per head of pop doesn’t work, but it’s important to note that assaults in India have a bias towards main cities; still maybe not quite close stats wise, but hardly numbers you can ignore.

Did I fail to mention that foreigners have a far higher stat rate for assault in India?

Must be racism, surely, after all ,that’s what’ happening here…not.

My son goes to a school where maybe half the kids can count heritage from the subcontinent. I don’t make the difference because they don’t, and let’s be clear: if there really was a race problem in Melbourne, the people allegedly making the attacks wouldn’t be able tell the difference from an Indian, a Sri Lankan, or a Pakastani.

BTW: my son has as his second language Sanskrit. I wonder how many kids in India learn the language of their ancestors.

I hate to say this, and I certainly don’t say this to the first, second and third generations here in Melbourne who don’t have an issue, and who….for lack of a better term, have blended with us all (and in that I mean it both ways). But seriously: if you’re an Indian student who seriously believes you’re not welcomed here: fuck off. Everyone is welcome in Australia, far more I should add than everyone is in India, particularly when it comes to caste. I wrote a post about American hypocrisy today; it applies to India as well: link.