Want Universal Health Cover? You need DIC

February 7, 2007

TechCrunch covers Change.org, a not for profit social networking site that links donors and charities. Line 4 of the TechCrunch shot of the Tag Cloud is of particular interest for me:


“Universal Health Care”. ROFL. If you need Universal Health Care, may I humbly suggest you contact DIC, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship and ask about moving permanently to Australia. Permanent Resident = Medicare Card, and all the universal (mostly) free health care you could ever ask for. Sure, I’ve personally got private cover (about $92 AUD ($75 USD) per fortnight currently for my entire family, full cover, top of the range etc…) but that’s because I’m adverse to waiting for elective surgery should the need rise, that and I prefer the food at my local Private Hospital over the Public Hospital, which is literally next door…even connected via a passage way 🙂