What next, electronic drugs?

April 4, 2005

The world is a weird place, and although I can see the military uses for this, can you imagine this in your living room. I mean, seriously, next it will be sim-drugs, maybe a helmet that makes you nuseau’s and similutes the sound of an ambulance coming to save you? who knows, but who’s seriously want to buy a computer game that delivered an electronic shock? even worse, I can see the mods now, with home brew variations that pump up the juice on the shock so as to risk even full cardiac arrest, or then again it would be just like having your own heart start machine, maybe the game can ship with a “rescue” disk which instructs users how to restart a heart? Bizarre…..

Sydney Morning Herald: “Coming soon: a PC combat game that shoots back

A combat simulator developed for the US military that “shoots” back, delivering an electric shock strong enough to knock down players, could be the next big thing for home-computer games.

A Texas-based company, VirTra Systems, is selling the combat simulator to military and police forces around the world. Its spokesman, Steve Haag, said Australian armed forces had expressed an interest in getting one.

Players enter a platform with a 360-degree screen that shows scenarios such as freeing hostages, street gun fights, taking out suicide bombers and team attacks on enemy positions. And VirTra takes the simulations a step further by enabling the computer game to “shoot back”.

If a player fails to kill an enemy in time and the enemy is able to shoot back, the simulator delivers a powerful electric shock through the player’s hips. You definitely know you have been hit,” Mr Haag said. “It has the same power as a stun gun. It knocks you down.

“You have to continue to work through the pain and keep on fighting, as that is what you need to do – to keep on fighting even when wounded.

“You have to regain your composure, shake your head, and get back in the fight as your life and your unit’s life depends on it.”