What’s Going on with Loren

August 6, 2007

Loren Feldman has apparently insulted African Americans, then visited rehab, then appeared again, all in the space of a couple of days.

Although I’ve only spent 2 days one-on-one with Loren in the past (so I’m not an expert) Loren would be one of the most down to earth honest people I’ve ever met, and that’s an even more powerful statement given he’s American.


I smell pantomime, but I cant prove it. Certainly the comments would appear to support the proposition. Either way, if Loren is legitimately in distress of any sort I wish him the best in his recovery. If it’s all show, he’s once again proved why 1938media cuts through the noise. Loren is a star video blogger, no doubt about it. That New York  in your face style cuts far better than anything the Valley can dish up.