Why Can’t ABC Journos Get Simple Web Descriptions Right?

February 16, 2010 — 3 Comments

Or maybe it’s just ABC Journalists with the first name of Tony?

On Q&A last week (the school children vs the PM episode) Tony Jones fumbled the name of iiNet, and suggested that people had been downloading pirated movies from “iiNet’s website.”

The biggest copyright case in Australia in years, and he doesn’t understand that iiNet is a carriage provider and was not providing the content at all.

Then this morning, Tony Eastley on AM…where do you start here (transcript here.)

Police in Queensland are working with Interpol to investigate a website that was set up after the stabbing death of the 12 year old Brisbane boy.

Um, no, it wasn’t a website set up, it was a page, or specifically a group on Facebook. One page on a website of hundreds of millions of pages.

Overnight Queensland Police began an investigation and officers worked to dismantle the site.

What, QLD police worked to dismantle Facebook?

Emily Bourke with that report and Queensland Police have told AM the website has now been taken down.

What, Facebook has been taken down. OMG.

Side note: the report claimed they had no idea who had made the attack; without having checked, it doesn’t take an expert to guess that readers of a certain website did it for the lulz.