Why I shouldn’t be allowed to view Infomercials

April 29, 2009 — 16 Comments

The above video is on the front page of Reddit this evening. It’s a remix of an infomercial to music.

I would be lucky to watch TV once a week, and when I do it’s usually the ABC, so no infomercials. Oddly when I visit the US, I often watch informercials in my hotel room, only because they’re so foreign to me, I find them fascinating.

So I watched the above video, and while the music mix was good, I found the product even better. I did some quick research, and found some real world testing examples that backed up the claim.

I then hit Google to see 1: how much it cost 2: if you can get it in Australia. You can’t, but there are eBay sellers who offer shipping here.

For around $47 shipped (the shipping was more than the product), in about 10 days I’ll proudly own a Slap Chop 🙂