Would some one like to design a new template for duncanriley.com?

March 11, 2006 — 10 Comments

A little bleg here, because she who must be obeyed has just about spent all the proceeds from the sale of The Blog Herald on the new palace I’ll be moving into in about 2 weeks time (after I also spend a week laying the flooring….). I’m way to busy designing templates and doing other work for b5media to actually get around to actually designing a new template for duncanriley.com. I’ve been wanting to do it for weeks, but some little voice in my head keeps telling me its not fair to spend time designing a template for myself when I’ve got a whole pile of ppl at b5media who are waiting for templates to be done.

I’ve not got a lot of spare dosh to spend, but I’m happy to pay a small amount for it to be done (if I’m happy with the results) + the design will get lots of free links from this site and a probably 5 or 6 other PR 6 blogs that I either own or have friends who owe me will link to.

It’s got to be flash though! 3 colum prefered, doesn’t have to be combination 2 + body or body + 2, can be an old fashioned 1 + body + 1.

Some of the sites that I’ve looked at that I like the feel of:
Ajaxian: I love everything about this site. Font’s used for the body in particular
UX Magazine: love the header
Hotel Tamara: odd layout but again, like the fonts
The Travelling Guys: nice site, I’m particularly fond of the bg pic, just not convinced I could get away with a brown background.

Niall Kennedy’s blog comes to mind as well.

I’d love a Western Australian feel to the site, so earthy colors perhaps? I’ve got some great pics available as well from my flying escapades.

If you’re interested email me at nichenet@gmail.com