You know decisions you’ve made in the past were right when….

November 7, 2006

A blogger has been invited on to the set of the TV show she blogs about to exclusively meet the cast and crew of the show!

As I write this Sheila is in a hotel getting ready to visit the set of Medium. Congrats Sheila. Amazing stuff.

There’s a tie up directly with a major Hollywood Celebrity on another blog (not sure if I’m able to disclose at this stage, suffice to say there is freebies for the readers), and of course there was the previous deal with Fox’s promotional arm with 3 blogs.

Congrats to Arieanna and her amazing team of bloggers who never let some of the snide and degrading comments get them down, and whom I was lucky and fortunate enough to have once worked directly with.

2 responses to You know decisions you’ve made in the past were right when….

  1. Thanks Duncan, it’s been fun to work with you too, and I’m sure we’ll create some amazing stuff in the future.

    And yes, you can disclose the “big name” 😉

  2. Hey Duncan, I’m back home from the Medium set visit and typing blog posts furiously to try to get it all down. I have several recordings I am trying to get in shape, also. I had such a good time and can’t believe the kind of access I had. So many stories and new technology (for me anyway) with which to tell them. Fun!