A better mix of categories

October 28, 2008 — 4 Comments

It’s been two weeks since we launched the new design on The Inquisitr, and it’s been meeting our expectations and more. Like any blog I’ve ever owned or run, design is fluid, and there’s always room for improvement; we’ve already made some tweaks and small changes, none worth announcing, and there will be more in the future, as there always has been.

I did want to make a housekeeping announcement about categories though. It’s minor, but it will save me having to mention it in the 6 month review post coming up next week 🙂

In line with the better mix theme we’re reviewing categories and have made some changes. Categories have always been there for us, but under the new design they work a lot better for us, and allow us to do new things. We’ll also have some future changes as well (still working on them, so nothing I can announce…they may not be announced either, small stuff). Some of these changes happened today, some over the last two weeks.

We now have a dedicated media industry category. This covers media naturally. We’ve always covered the death of heritage media, but the stories didn’t always sit well under tech, even if it is the switch to the internet that is killing newspapers for example. This won’t be a huge category for us, but we’ve been doing about 5-6 posts a week in it, and it’s allowing us to do media specific stories. Media Industry also has its own feed, which already has 27 subscribers without once having been mentioned (except the sidebar) or promoted I’m glad to report.

Entertainment is the new catchall for the previous category of Pop, and the 2 week old Movies category. Movies was a break out from pop in itself, where we believed that movie news (such as trailers primarily) didn’t sit well with celebrity gossip. The old pop is now celebrity news, and can be accessed under the Entertainment option on the site, along with Movies and future entertainment related categories.

We’ve also added Funny Pics, which is currently available on the nav bar, but may end up as a sub-category of the current odd+funny category. We’ve usually done stories as opposed to pics in this stream, but more and more pics were creeping in and they didn’t sit as well next to stories, hence they have their own category now.

In terms of actual content, there isn’t really that much that has changed. We’re still writing mostly the same things, just categorizing them a little differently, although naturally there’s been an increase in movies + media.