An Inconvenient Truth, or the futility in trying

September 16, 2006 — 10 Comments

Todays philosophical thought.

Does your collective wisdom and experience mean diddly squat when no body believes you?

Is it futile in trying when those parallel to you or above you won’t accept facts because those facts are inconvenient to their overall picture of how things should be?

Is it futile trying to persuade the unpersuadable? do you as a consequence accept that you have no place in which to make input that will be listened to, or do you take your bat and ball and leave, seeking greener pastures elsewhere?

Is a key sign that all is lost one where the answer to your questions in relation to a wanted outcome or issue is inevitably no, and yet others act without even asking the question to start with and with no actual consequences to these actions?

Is doing the “right” thing, discussing things prior to action, and by association seeking permission, a flawed concept in modern business practice? Do those who inevitably win the day those that don’t play by these rules? Indeed, are these rules dead?

Food for thought.