Bloggers trying to manipulate the PayPerPost program?

July 19, 2006

I didn’t join the blogswarm over PayPerPost when it was launched (sometimes there’s no need to add to the noise), and I can say I haven’t participated in it, however I did sign up so I could at least take a look at it….this is their latest news…looks like people have being trying to manipulate the program:

Today we updated our polices and usage agreement. We suggest you visit the site and review the terms. The biggest update of note is we will no longer be accepting blogs from blog for money advertising sites such as blogcharm, bloggerparty and Postings of this nature made from July 19th on will no longer be accepted. Previous posts will be honored and paid.

This issue revolves around quality. Remember, it is the advertiser who is putting money in your pocket. No advertisers?ɬ¢?¢‚Äö¬¨?Ǭ¶no money. Advertisers expect a quality post (positive or negative) on a quality blog that doesn’t exist solely to generate revenue. The Beta 2 version of will center around quality assurance. We will be ranking each approved blog posting based on quality of the post and the overall quality of your blog. Bloggers with higher quality rankings will eventually see more opportunities with higher payouts. Bloggers who consistently rank low will be automatically removed from the program.

Please do not confuse quality with content. You are still free and encouraged to speak your mind on the opportunities presented. We will be looking at the frequency of blog updates, the effort put into each posting, blog aesthetics and the comments others post on your blog. Our goal is to separate the true bloggers from the bots, spammers and no effort bloggers.



3 responses to Bloggers trying to manipulate the PayPerPost program?

  1. What they are really saying is “We reserve the right to not pay you for the work that you are doing. We originally forgot to mention that your post can not be spammy, and now that you have figured us out, we are about to lose a bunch of advertisers because people are smarter then us.”

  2. There’s a way to abuse the system of course, and I’m happy they changed it, so that those of us who do want to “play nice” can still have a chance to do so.