Let me get this right, the US Government is considering a bill condemning Internet censorship, but it wants to ban online gambling?

July 19, 2006 — Leave a comment

OK, I was going to start this with “America is stupid”, but Australia is no better because online (casino) gambling is illegal for Australians already, but even more dumber is the fact that casino’s here can offer internet gambling to people based overseas (Lassiters comes to mind)…but I digress (again) because I received an email this morning from RSF about H.R. 4780, the Global Online Freedom Act of 2006, in which the Government of the United States of America will basically make it harder for US companies to provide information to repressive countries, even when those companies are complying with local laws (in particular China), in terms of internet activities…which isn’t a bad thing I might add, if it didn’t come at the same time that America itself is moving towards banning American’s from playing casino style games over the internet: that’s right, not only do they want to censor it by banning it, they want overseas companies to comply with this…and in all likelihood hand over their files as well on those evil American’s who would dare play poker online! Talk about Irony!