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August 14, 2006 — 3 Comments

Yep, my first rant is live, I’ve signed on the dotted line to do a weekly column at The Blogging Times upon invitation from Chartresue.

I tossed up a couple of good ideas for the first post, but I kept coming back to the blogging market place, and the flaws in Long Tail Theory as applied to the current market for blog hosting. For some this will be dry (and maybe boring) stuff, but for others who are interested in the future trends in the Blogosphere, I hope you appreciate it. I was on a word count limitation for this post which I ended up exceeding by over 100%…but it could have been much longer had I dug a little deeper into some of the more imperical evidence to support the theory.

One note on the piece, the theory also applies roughly to Web 2.0 as well. Indeed, the first draft I wrote of it included Web 2.0 in it, but combining two markets (blog hosting and Web 2.0) in the same piece made it a bit confusing and way to long (it actually got out to over 2000 words at one stage) so I cut out the Web 2.0 stuff, but if you’ve got an imagination, what I’m say here can easily apply to Web 2.0 as well…particularly in terms of the tail not being long enough to sustain everyone, and the tsunami hitting when half of the long tail has a ROI = 0.

Anyhow, enjoy. I’ve promised Minic something less dry next week 🙂


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