Credit where it is due: Calacanis and Arrington, what a bloody good idea!

February 1, 2007

Techcrunch 20. I should have posted about this 14 hours ago when I first got up, but I guess it didn’t sink in…that and having to buy a copy of Office 2007 because beta 2 expired today, but that’s another story.

Question though: that’s the motive. There has to be money in it. Do Arrington and Calacanis plan to charge VC’s or others wanting to attend for a gander?

Last question: when is the cut off date for submissions? I’ve got an idea that should be at alpha by May/ June, and certainly ready for viewing by the North American Autumn (sorry, “fall”). It’s an idea that baring someone else coming up with it will not only kick ass, it may be market disruptive…but it’s early days yet. Business plan is mapped, idea is on paper, but start tech hasn’t started. Here’s hoping 🙂