Does GDrive point to a Google PC?

July 11, 2006 is showing a screenshot (here) from the upcoming GDrive, Google’s online storage solution. But the shot raises even more questions: what exactly is the “Google Computer” mentioned on the screenshot?


VPN-less access: Not at a Google Computer?

So if we presume that Google is doing a private alpha test of GDrive across developers, exactly what is the “Google Computer” they might be using? Is it the Google PC that’s been speculated about for so long? After all, if GDrive is just an online storage facility, why would you need VPN access, after all, you should just be able to access those files, right?

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6 responses to Does GDrive point to a Google PC?

  1. Since that text seems to be aimed at Google employees (see the mention to “Googlers” in the next line), I assumed that “a Google computer” (small C) meant “a computer in the Google network” (that is, a computer owned by, not made by, Google).

  2. I thought that initally as well, but why would they need to view files from another site if GDrive is suppose to be about that to start with: it just doesn’t make sense.

  3. You know what scares me about putting all my info in one place like google. What is to stop the US government from getting a subpeona to search google anytime they want. Hell they might not even bother to get one at all. The US government has hackers on their payroll, I am sure that can get into google servers if they want to.

  4. Shane,
    honestly, my thoughts exactly, although I do use gmail so I guess I’m just as much at risk…but having said that the risks, privacy wise, would be just the same with my ISP as well, so it’s a real catch 22, and to be honest I’d rather it be Google with my email data: they’ve at least got a track record of fighting requests to expose user data in the courts…even if they don’t always win. As for files though, I’m keeping them right here on my own hard drive!

  5. Totally true Duncan, however at the rate the American President George Bush is going. We will will be a fascist state pretty soon, and then they will not even need a subpeona.

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