Election Stream

October 25, 2007

1. The Government is fucked. Completely. Sorry about the language but there’s no nice way of saying that

2. I’m sick of the election, it’s ruining the ABC. Every time I get in the car it’s another pensioner whining about missing out. I hate the me-tooism that comes to the fore during election campaigns, it’s sickening. I want, I want, I want, I want. Fark. Pensioners have had big big top ups and special bonuses, and yet it’s still not enough. Fark. I’m expected to save for my retirement because the Government wont be able to afford to sustain my generation on a pension. Be grateful for what you’ve got, because I wont get it when I get old.

3. Liberal Campaign in Forrest is awful. Maybe Nola Marino didn’t forgo another holiday to pay for it. I wonder if she’s still driving the late European model car. She came knocking the other day, didn’t recognize me, I should be insulted given I’ve met with her half a dozen times and had her whine to me on the phone more times than I care to remember, but end of the day I don’t give a rats any more. She’s an agrarian socialist who shows why the Liberal Party is so fucked up now. Being a Liberal use to be about small Government, now its more left wing in some areas then the ALP, particularly when it comes to farm socialism.

4. Rudd isn’t running a very good campaign, but he doesn’t have to. Nothing seems to stick and as long as he doesn’t completely fuck it up before election day he’ll win.

5. I think the ALP is looking good in Forrest. Noel Brunning an off chance. The pundits are ignoring the fact that Collie will have a massive swing to the ALP that alone will cut the 10% margin to maybe 3% (I haven’t checked the figures but I’m thinking roughly). Prosser always had a strong following in Collie that wont translate to Marino as it didn’t to Craig Carbone at the state election. Take a broader swing across the electorate and all of a sudden a safe Liberal seat becomes a marginal ALP one, particularly if Brunnings 15-20% of the vote swings 80% to the ALP on preferences.

6. Jason Kotke has a post up on anagrams of Ann Coulter. I might be dropping the f word but there are more interesting words in that post that I don’t use here, even if I do use them in private.

7. An interest rate rise is the difference between a 10 seat majority for the ALP and a repeat of 96 in reverse.

8 An interest rate rise will push the AUD closer to parity with the USD. This is very, very bad, for me at least.

9. Doesn’t the RBA know that the US is fucked and rising interest rates won’t help the economy, it will hurt it. Sure, imports get cheaper resulting in decreasing pressure on inflation, and in theory people spend less etc. but exporters are already hurting. Do we really want to screw exports and jobs. Inflation isn’t that bad.

10. Another digger killed in Afghanistan. Someone suggested on Twitter that it might get to the stage where we don’t care anymore about these deaths. God help us if we get like the Americans on that one. The funeral of the last digger killed was televised, along with the body coming home etc.. We should never forget the sacrifices made by Australians in the name of liberty and justice

11. The Walpole Weekly reported this week that I’m running for Forrest for the LDP. That is incorrect.

12. The Government is fucked…whoops, said that already.

13. Why does Windows Live Writer underline the word fucked as a spelling mistake? weird. 

14. Maybe I can’t stop at 13 as it would be unlucky.

4 responses to Election Stream

  1. We just managed to avoid having an election…darn not having fixed term parliaments.

  2. fucked is underlined because MSFT no longer supports that word. 🙂

  3. 96×2, Duncan. News leaking out to us from the ALP is that they’ve moved their money into seats where they need a 10% swing. They’d only do that if they were damn sure of winning the seats needing a smaller swing. Not foolproof but an indicator where the ALP thing they’re at.

  4. I really should not write comments in the dark at 2-3am…hope you found your cab.