Stream Of Consciousness Post

October 25, 2007 — 1 Comment

I’ve noticed the Jason Calacanis stream of consciousness post is becoming popular, so I thought I’d give it a try. If it works it might see me blogging here more regularly: structured posts require time and thought, where as this seems more creator friendly.

1. Been a week of attacks. Threatened to be sued late last week, then got into a row with the folks at BlogWorldExpo. For the record that is now fully over, I realized that Rick’s issue was the Twitter rumor: I apologized for running it and we’ve privately concluded the matter. Wish I could go to it but I just cant afford to spend $5k on getting there, maybe next year.

2. Some people have no sense of humor: funny post about a completely bullshit product up on TechCrunch and a couple of losers are getting all serious about it. F*ck, why is it that some Americans always take themselves soo seriously all of the time. Note to self: try and avoid being funny on TechCrunch.

3. This whole blog network Google link thing is interesting. A couple of folks suggesting that it was some hidden agenda from me in relation to my past involvement in blog networks. Last time I checked I wrote nothing about them, didn’t even check their blogs…wouldn’t even know what blogs they own today, what they are doing and nor for that matter do I care any more. If they are affected by this, I find it sad for the folks writing the blogs who may see pay decreased, but again, I have no idea or involvement. There was nothing to disclose: this was a general news story, plain and simple. I do wonder though what Jason Calacanis makes of it: he was the one after all who really introduced this style of link farming to blogs. Ironic really given he’s ongoing anti-SEO stance.

4. Last line was anti-SEO stance and not jihad against SEO, as I’ve leant that American’s dont like the word jihad. Mental note: more bland post titles in the future

5. I love Flock. The social networking stuff is good but the tweaked Firefox platform is better. They have seemingly fixed the memory leak/ stability problems that plague Firefox. I’ve dumped Safari and am using Flock full time now. Download it: I order you 🙂

6. Gooruze going well. Check it out if you haven’t yet, I forgot to post about it when it launched last week. Clay and Rachel probably wont let me forget that :-). Good fun, interesting articles, and an engaging mix of people. If you’re interested in online marketing, including blogs, drop on down.

7. The cricket season is starting and I don’t care. 2 1/2 years at the WACA, part of the wasted years of my past. Crap wage working for self important wankers (mostly). There’s some ppl there that Karma needs to catch up with 🙂

8. Cameron Reilly bought a Mac. Miracles happen

9. No Colbert Report this week. I’m having withdrawal symptoms and TV sucks at the moment.

10. Hoping next week is a bit better, less attacking, more working. Got an announcement for Podcamp on Saturday, which reminds me I have to write the site. Work to do….